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One month later

April 26th, 2009 at 05:23 am

Well, it's been one month since I took a part time job. So far, I have learned to adjust my schedule in order to meet my deadlines for my full time job.

This is truly a great learning experience. I have run across and seen some old friends and faces.

Having a second job has shown me first hand the hard life that many others have to make ends meet.

For me personally, the second job is not an absolute necessity, but it has helped me when it comes down to paying my bills.

At the time time, I have actually been able to save a few hundred bucks which gives me some comfort knowing that I won't be starving any day soon.

The hardest part will come when my wife will no longer be working and depend on me totally.

The part time work, and extra income has helped in keeping up with my goals of paying my credit cards aggressively. I am still months away from being debt free, but each month, I am a step closer.

I decided that my part time employment is temporary and that by the late fall, I would spend more time at home.

The shift might be hard after getting used to the extra income but someone we'll make ends meet.

Life is full of every day challenges. I am sure that through some ingenious way,I can make things work.

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