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October 23rd, 2008 at 03:51 pm

We all dream about being a celebrity and having the attention of the world. In our point of view it looks like there's nothing a celebrity needs, or could need considering they are usually able to get anything they want.

We all hear of a movie star making 20 million for one film. I tend to think about how many hours did they really have to work..and no.. I don't take traveling time into account.

It amazed me.
We all dream of making it to riches somehow someday..

I still dream..even though my wife tells me to be more realistic.

I tell her that at least it doesn't cost me anything to dream. We can cut expenses with other things...

Anyhow..i watch Survivor on Thursdays, and I actually worked with Dan for a few months, before he left our firm.

Its amazing that people so close can all of a sudden in the spot light with national attention.

Hopefully you guys have heard of "Survivor".

Well, I'm cheering for my old fried and previous co-worker DAN.

Anyone have celebrity ties?

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