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Food cant afford it, but cant afford to live without it!!

October 7th, 2008 at 05:52 pm

So today, after work, it was time to go grocery shopping. This is one of the thing hardest to budget for. The reason being we all love to buy new things and every week our needs are different. There have been weeks that we spend about $100.00, and then there are times were all we need can be bough for about $30.00. My average weekly expense is usually around $50.00

I learned to pay attention to what you are buying the hard way.

I had just moved into my new apartment and I had nothing there. I went with my wife to the supermarket and just start adding items to our cart. We are two people, so we know we don't need that much. I was used to going to the supermarket with my mother or father, and since I come from a large family it didn''t surprise me seeing the cart overflow with everything each week.
I was carrying cash in my pocket, since this particular week was a week of expenditures.
Anyhow, once we were done shopping, I eagerly went to the line to pay for my groceries and other household needs. And the total came to almost $200.00, probably around $187.00. The point was since I was not paying attention, this seemed unusually high.

My wife and I were thinking to ourselves that all those small items must just add up. (spices, and other items than come in small boxes yet range between $2 to $5.00.)

My wife had forgotten something so she returned to the supermarket. I stayed in the parking lot and finished loading the items onto the car. I was done, so I started looking though my receipt. Then I came a huge surprise. The second or third item charged was for a loaf of bread and it COST ME $89.00. I couldnt believe it.

I immediate walked back int the store and pointed out the discrepancy to a cashier. They were surprised that the error had occurred. The cashier called a manager, and when he came over, he just giggled. He apparently was aware that had been happening all day. Basically the error was that that the dummy who printed the labels had to issue 1 laber per unit for $.89; but the labels were printed with the quantity of 100; therefore the price was $89.00.

Amazing but true. I found this to be the most expense loaf of french bread that I have ever purchased. Good think i managed to get my refund. I didnt get to keep the bread for free.

I watch closely when I am paying for something. I don't worry about items being on sale or not, but I do try to make sure the cost for items are reasonable.

I would not doubt that all of us have been robbed before at the supermarket.

My recommendation, pay attention. Just by standing right by the cashier, they will too make sure items are coming up correctly.

By the way, today I spend $66.00 on groceries.

9 Responses to “Food cant afford it, but cant afford to live without it!!”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Good for you looking at the receipt!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    lol - i hate it when that happens. the supermarket near me has a policy that if you pay more than the ticket price you get it for free - so if you make sure you check your reciept sometimes it can be worth it!

    i usually spend about $50-$60 on groceries a week, but it varies (last week I spent $9!). I try my best to make everything from scratch, which does save a lot and is much healthier than prepackaged food.

  3. Personal Finance Student Says:

    I always watch the prices as they ring me up. I remember numbers well and started doing this while in college, 9 times out of 10 there would be at least one thing that would ring up incorrectly. It may have only been by a couple of cents, but I'd always correct them and they'd change it right then. Like you said, pay attention or you might pay more. $89 for bread though, I've never had that big of a discrepancy! Smile

  4. Analise Says:

    I also watch the the prices as they ring up items and check my receipt before going out the door. I've caught many mistakes.

    Watching as they ring up groceries has a big payoff at my store... if they make an error, you get the item free. Not long ago, I got a free papaya because they rang it up at $2.29 a pound when the special was 99 a pound.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I cannot keep up with the "ringing up" as it is being done because too often my view of the groceries is obscured and because too often the electronic price screen is not well aimed toward the customer and/or there is glare on it. I do check my paper receipt but almost never find an error. Most errors are in a single item being scanned twice. But even those errors are rare, I find. I think accuracy is good where I shop.

  6. homebody Says:

    I have that sticker shock almost every time I go to Costco, unfortunately they are correct! Funny story, thanks for sharing.

  7. baselle Says:

    I tend to watch the ringing up like a hawk. Before I go into the checkout line, I glance at the items and actually estimate the cost (pays not to buy tons), so I have a price in my mind and can say right away the fateful words, "Are you sure?"

  8. Brenda Says:

    The way the check outs are set up here you start putting your items on the belt behind the person in front of you with a separator bar in between. Their order is already half rung through. Often I am not finished putting mt items on the belt when the person in front is finished and the cashier starts ringing up my order which is at least a foot or more ahead of me now. By now if there wasn't before, there's someone lined up behind me anxious for me to hurry up so they can start putting their stuff on, separated by another divider. By the time I get to where I can see the price screen my order is at least half rung through. Then I also have the same problem as 'Joan.of.the.Arch' above. My only recourse is to try and compare my bill usually when I'm in the parking lot! By now I'm tired from working all day and just want to get home so it really would not surprise me that I have paid too much for something or been double charged more than once.

  9. dmontngrey Says:

    I watch every item ring up and then I check my receipt before I am even out of the store. I was in the habit of doing this at one store, but not the other until I was overcharged at the other store! Now I check at both. For a while there, I was getting free things every week at the first store. They must have improved their policies since I haven't had to get a price adjustment in quite some time. Leave it to me to always find the item that doesn't ring up correctly!

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